[Movie] Un Monstre a Paris/A Monster in Paris (2011)

Title : Un Monstre a Paris/A Monster in Paris | Year : 2011 | Genre :  Animation, Adventure, Comedy | Cast : Adam Golberg, Jay Harrington, Danny Huston, Vanessa Paradis, Bob Balaban, Sean Lennon  | Director : Bibo Bergeron| Rate :

As usual, Emile (Jay Harrington) and Raoul (Adam Goldberg –Zodiac) deliver entrusted goods from citizen of Paris. Both arrived at abandoned labs, they and professors assistant who are not human but a monkey, rioting the lab. Two hazardous chemical liquids together and the monkey lice which then turned into a big scary monster. The monster then close to Lucille (Vanessa Paradis) club singer who Raoul liked. So, they must kept that big secret of the city until Mayor Maynott (Danny Huston –Robin Hood, X-Men Origins : Wolverine) hear about it. Harness for the next Mayor elections, Maynott hunts the monster and seized from Emile, Rapul and Lucille’s hands.

As with any other animated film, A Monster in Paris offers nothing but the simplicity of the story and plot. Neat but probably could have been much better if adding a more powerful story in it. In animated films, music is an important factor. And in this movie, the music is well presented and quite interesting.

The Movie was not an adult animated film to be viewed by adults only. A Monster in Paris can also be viewed by children. Good Animated Story, although the story and the plot was weak.[66/2012]


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